Typed Monthly Report: October 2015

As you may remember we launched the Indigogo Campaign for Typed earlier this year. Since then we've been working non-stop making sure we delivered on what we promised…

A reliable and sustainable blogging platform.

Since the public launch of Typed it's up-time has been above 99.9%, so I think we've hit the "reliable" part of our promise. But is Typed sustainable yet?

The campaign raised $120K (USD), this gave us a good runway. However, when you're paying a full time developer, a designer and someone to manage it, that doesn't go far. The good news is that Typed.com is starting to pick up new subscribers each month, and we've not even started to do any serious marketing.

As this is the first month we're making the numbers for Typed public there's not much to report on. However, the next few months will be more interesting as we can look at how the platform has grown, hopefully.

October 2015 Revenue Report for Typed.com

  • Monthly recurring revenue: $807.97
  • Annual recurring revenue: $9,695.63
  • Total Paying Subscribers: 72

What's New & What's Next?

We initially launched Typed with just a single "Classic" theme, but over the last few months we've been working on implementing a theme SDK. As part of this work we recently built and added 4 new themes to Typed, these are now available to all users in the admin dashboard.

Typed Themes

Earlier this week we released a public preview of the theme SDK.

The Theme SDK will allow anyone with a little HTML & CSS skills to build or modify a Typed theme for their website. The SDK documentation is online and a starter theme is over on Github.

If you're interested in building themes for Typed and would like early access, please get in touch.

Thanks, Dan

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