Typed Monthly Report: January 2016

Just like December, January was a bit of a slow month in terms of growth.

Recurring revenue stayed about the same, I mean that's not really bad. A positive increase would of been nice, but hey, you can't have everything. The good news is that customer churn is way down compared to last month. Here's the numbers:

January 2016 Revenue Report for Typed

  • Monthly recurring revenue: $1,532.05 (-0.41%)
  • Annual recurring revenue: $18,384.60 (-0.41%)
  • Total Paying Subscribers: 133 (+1.53%)
  • Customer Churn: 37.21% (34.99%)

So as you can see the numbers are okay, I mean 133 paying users is not bad at all, but it's also not enough to sustain a team of people working on it. In January we introduced a lot of great stuff that's been requested by our users. Here's just some of things we introduced, you can see the full release notes here:

  • Search support for posts in the dashboard and blogs
  • Support for theme variables in the theme SDK
  • Support for rss feeds based on blog tags
  • Annual payment options

Want a free blog?

And finally, we've added a free tier option, this allows anyone to sign-up and create a blog for free. Best of all there's no credit card required, and we don't impose limits on traffic or image hosting. So if you've been wanting to setup a blog, now is the time!

So why are we now offering a free option?
Before we introduced this you'd need a credit-card to sign-up for a 14 day free trial, and it seemed this put a lot of people off. And even when they did sign-up, 14 days was often not long enough to decide if they wanted to commit to the service.

With this new free tier, people can sign-up, use the service, take their time. They can blog for free, for as long as they want, and when they need or want the extra features we offer they can upgrade to a paid account. We also think this will be free marketing for the service, the more blog out there that are hosted with Typed.com then more people will find out about the service. Hopefully this will be a win-win situation.

We're doing all we can to make sure typed.com is sustainable, e.g. it earns enough to pay the people working on it. Hopefully over the next 6 months we'll get there.

I’ll be back in March with another report, but until then, thanks for supporting Typed and happy blogging!

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