The Basics of Blogging

You’ve sat down at the computer with an idea, a tentative headline perhaps or the gist of what you want to say - but you’re unsure about how to start. You’ve read articles online, and seen how others have cultivated an audience and following - sharing what they know and love, and building their online identity. But sometimes it can seem like an insurmountable task to create that for yourself.

The good news is it’s not - and best of all, the Typed team want to help you get there. That is, after all, why we’re building Typed - to help you build an audience and tell your story. So, join us as we explore the ways to get started, and grow your blog.

Together, we’ll explore the essentials behind building a blog - and how to discover and engage your audience. There won’t be any quick “one weird trick” growth hacks - we want you to build an audience that consistently returns. Instead, we’ll cover every facet of blogging to ensure you stand the best chance of getting your voice heard!

Why Are You Blogging?

Before committing any words to your blog, it’s worth pausing and asking yourself what the end goal is: is the blog a personal side-project, something to help build your personal (or professional) profile, or something that improves the visibility of your business?

In the last two cases, you’ll obviously be keen to measure the return on your time - and later in this series we’ll discuss ways to help you do exactly that.

Short Bursts of Time

When you’re starting out, fitting in the time to write, manage, and promote your blog can be daunting. To begin with we find that setting aside a dedicated time each week to write and publish something helps break that initial barrier. Establish a routine really helps.

Be realistic in your goals - an article a week allows you to fit in writing around other activities and ensures enough time to edit before publishing!

Writing Makes You Better

Writing, just like any skill, becomes second nature over time. So while it may take a while for your voice and style to develop, that’s not a reason to put off starting a blog.

Edit With Care

Just as writing may seem trickier at first, so too will initial edits. Don’t sweat it, though - just make sure there’s no typos or glaring grammatical errors, and work from there. Decisions about Oxford commas can wait for now!

Publish Like Clockwork

Scheduling a post to be published at a set time each week not only allows you to plan ahead (for example, if you’re busy during your usual writing slot), but also allows you to build a routine with readers. Knowing that there’s new content each week (or fortnight, or however frequently you aim for), helps keep readers interested!

Build Credibility

As you write, you’ll be sharing insights about topics you’re passionate and knowledgable about. Make sure you’ve put an author biography together. As readers discover your writing, give them a reason to consider you authoritative, and of course visit your site again.

Just Start Writing

While the tips above will help you get started, there’s no substitute for great content. It’s time to note down your ideas to grow the blog in the future, and instead focus on getting that first post written. Good luck!

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Nik Fletcher

Nik Fletcher

Nik is part of the Typed team, focusing on user experience and content strategy. In a bygone era, he was a published technology writer with work appearing in The Guardian newspaper, MacFormat magazine, and many others.