Some New Themes for Typed

A custom design is the heart and soul of every blog - helping breath personality and identity into your site. We’ve been hard at work on custom theme support for Typed for a while now, and we’ve just launched some great new themes of our own that are available in your Typed Dashboard. These rich new themes, named “Hero” and “Press”, are great for image-heavy blogs - in fact, I’ve added one of these to my own Typed blog! We’ve also open-sourced the themes on GitHub, so if you’re looking to build a custom theme you can take a look at how these themes are built and quickly get started.

The Basics of Blogging

You’ve sat down at the computer with an idea, a tentative headline perhaps or the gist of what you want to say - but you’re unsure about how to start. You’ve read articles online, and seen how others have cultivated an audience and following - sharing what they know and love, and building their online identity. But sometimes it can seem like an insurmountable task to create that for yourself.